rans0mMus1c @The_Wrong // bytebeat live-coding @vernissage of ‚The Wrong Club‘

1. November 2017    

Today is the start of the world greatest art biennale the wrong – new digital art biennale!

I present my project ‚rans0mMus1c‘ – making visual music with encrypted music files by the famous ransomware WannaCry.
You can participate the project in the open online pavilion: Super-Information-High-Market

Or help to raise money to transfer the demanded bitcoin amount to the WannaCry blackmailers in order to decrypt the original music files and to prevent all files from being deleted: https://www.gofundme.com/rans0mmus1c

All resulting visual music can be found at the online pavilion or at the offline exhibition ‚The Wrong Club‘ at Galerie ampersand.
The vernissage will be on 3rd November, I will also play a bytebeat live-coding show there at about 9pm.